Trinity United Parish

Glenburn and Lansford, North Dakota

Our Mission is to

Welcome Others, Grow in Faith, Serve God's World




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Trinity Lutheran Church Glenburn





Sunday Service Times
9:00 am - Glenburn

King's Kids King's Kids  10 AM on Sundays


 11:00 am - Lansford @ Methodist Church

Sunday School 10:00 AM


7th & 8th Grade Confirmation meets at Glenburn on Wednesdays 3:15-5:00 PM


PO Box 157

Glenburn, North Dakota 58740-0157

Phone: 701.362.7922

Pastor: 701.720.0000



Current Activities Scheduled


Coming UP:

Lansford’s Meet and Greet Pastor Martha and her family is July 15th at 7:00PM at the church







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